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Sea Level Rise Facing Our Rising Tides

Sea level rise is happening today.

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Today – seawater is being seen and felt all over the Everglades.

Rising seas regularly flood south Florida’s cities and towns.

South Florida’s fishermen are already seeing how sea level rise is impacting the local ecosystems – and their businesses.

See what one Florida fisherman, Benny Blanco, has to say about the impacts of sea level rise…

As saltwater from rising seas encroach into coastal freshwater wetlands, peat collapses, brackish-water pools appear, and mangroves move inland.

This upends the entire wetland ecosystem, including plants and wildlife.

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Some Everglades species are abandoning their historic ranges due to sea level rise. Even slightly deeper water interferes with Roseate spoonbills’ ability to feed in the shallow waters of Florida Bay.

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Because of this, sea level rise is driving roseate spoonbills away from their historic nesting grounds in Florida Bay and the coastal Everglades.

Sea level rise is making life difficult for the people of South Florida, too. During “king tides,” the streets in Miami and other communities flood with saltwater, even on perfectly sunny days with no rain.

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In the aftermath of king tide events, pollutants flush from the streets into coastal waters, closing beaches and causing a health risk.

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South Florida’s balance between fresh water and saltwater is in constant flux. The lines between ocean and Everglades are sometimes blurry.

But the harsh consequences of sea level rise are becoming more apparent each year.

We can change our course and protect South Florida and the Everglades. This is our challenge.

This is our opportunity.

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